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Need a gift idea without the hassle?

If you are looking for a gift and not sure what to get... get something where we do all the work!Our new boxed sets make easy gifts already put together in a set. You can even add earrings at a discounted price!These gift ready 4 x 4 blue boxes beautifully store the necklace of your choice! Our Necklace set comes complete on an 18" stainless chain with an adorning stainless charm and matching crys…

Want It - Customize It

Hello beautiful ladies!Let's talk about something important... Custom saying! That's right, we said CUSTOM. Everyone always asks if we can do custom quotes or artwork and our answer is always a resounding YES! Now we made it extremely easy for you to customize your own quote on our circle pendants.We are going to break down what this means for our lovely Spirit Lala Supporters. When your are meand…