Triple Crystal Drop Organics Sunflower Necklace

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Make a statement in our newest handmade line. This necklace is perfect to dress up a plain tee and jeans or add a pop of color in your favorite dress. You can even pair this necklace with another necklace if one is simply not enough.

Part of Spirit Lala’s newest Organics line, this necklace features a pointed molded pendant with three rectangle displaying Spirit’s vintage artwork and preserved with resin to make the designs pop and protect against all day wear. The bottom is adorned with stainless chains, wire wrapped crystals, and hand wrapped organic gemstones.

Measuring 30” in chain length featuring a gemstone bar accent on one side of the chain. The pendant and additional chain on the bottom measure approximately 3.5”.

Gemstone color and size may vary slightly due to the nature of organic gemstones and crystals.