Layers & Layers: Spirit Lala Photo Series

Need inspiration on how to layer your favorite Spirit Lala pieces? Look no further. 


Pair one of our Medium Circle Reversible pendants on an 18" chain with our Open Circle Beaded pendant on a 28" crystal chain. Add an Eco Glass Bracelet for a fun pop of color.

Step up your layering game with double beaded pendants. (Beaded Medium and Beaded Large pendant) 

Wear one with the quote showing to add some contrast. Throw in matching gemstone circle earrings and your outfit is complete.

How perfect is the abstract Pink Flower design for Summer?

For all the sunflower lovers, this ones for you. Start simple with a stainless cast sunflower charm on an 18" chain, throw in a funky triangle piece, and finish with a Large Beaded Pendant.

This pendant contains one of our favorite quotes - "Enjoy the simple pleasures of life."

Keep it simple and sweet with our newest pendant size. 

Sold on matching cards with 18" Stainless chains.

Layer Art Side or Quote Side depending on your mood or what matches your outfit.

Another one of our favorite quotes.

(Medium Beaded and Large Beaded)

"Not all who wander are lost"

Mix and match or just get your favorite piece!


Spirit Lala