Go Big, Go Bold

For those who love to make a statement, these are the necklaces for you. Unique, inspiring, and beautiful; you will have everyone asking where you got such a piece. Every pendant has an particular inspiring quote to go along with the handmade design on the front. Did you know you can customize the quotes too?! You can personalize one of these beauties that no one will have alike... Talk about one of a kind.

These are our personal favorites! The reversible open circle pendant is paired with matching handcrafted charms hanging from the clasp on the bottom. The pendant normally hangs on a 28" chain that is usually the perfect length for a larger piece. On the plus side the chain is also adjustable to the wearers preference. If you have your own chain you want to wear it on instead, the jumpring is even universal in size so that it should fit nearly every chain out there. And it gets even better! 

The front side has various hand painted reproductions of our floral and abstract designs. Each necklace provides a vibrant dazzling pop of color for any occasion.These necklaces are such a statement piece, each containing a different complimenting black and white quote on the backside.The selling point here is that it goes with almost every outfit. (Definitely a jewelry necessity.)  Did we mention that the clasp on the bottom can hold an addition 3 charms. You could add an initial, birth stone, or another favorite charm!

Below is the one and only Spirit Lala in one of her most loved pieces. The Tree of Life Teal provides a beautiful pop of color and has the quote "Possibility Begins with imagination." It looks beautiful layered with another pendant or by itself.

Tree of Life Teal

Find something that speaks to you! 

Wear it as a reminder to stand out in a crowd and be your original distinct self.


Spirit Lala